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WE Survey Suite


The WE™ Surveys are easy-to-use tools that ask students, staff and community members to share their perceptions anonymously about the learning environment, quality of instruction and leadership in a school or district. Survey results are presented in a detailed report that can guide decisions about school improvement.


The suite includes:

  1. WE LEARN™ – Student Survey Grades 3-5
  2. WE LEARN™ – Student Survey Grades 6-12
  3. WE TEACH™ – Instructional Staff Survey
  4. WE LEAD™ – Whole Staff Survey
  5. WE SUPPORT™ - Parent/Community Survey

    Newly added surveys:
  6. WE INSPIRE™ - Staff Survey
  7. WE SUCCEED™ - Student Survey Grades 6-12

About the Surveys

  • 10-15 minutes to administer
  • online or on paper
  • parallel items on the student and Instructional staff surveys show comparisons


Feedback from students and staff about their experiences in school can initiate innovative, meaningful school change. When school is an exciting place to be, students are engaged and staff feel empowered to help students reach their goals. When school leaders measure what they value about learner engagement and the teaching and learning environment, "data" can mean more than results on a test.


For additional information on the WE Surveys, please download a brochure.


For additional information on the WE ARE READY Surveys, please download a brochure.

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